How to Customise your Bike

Each one of us wishes to stand out in the crowd and be the head turner. Whether it’s with your clothing preferences, your style or the choices you make in life – you want to create your own identity and make your own style statement.

This is particularly true when it comes to the high-end machines you own – especially the ones on two wheels.  The best part about owning a motorbike is that you get the luxury to customize or modify it the way you want to. Customization or modification will not only improve your bike’s aesthetics, but also its performance.

With millions of people buying more or less the same bike, customization will make sure that nobody will have what you have. Whether it’s a beast like Royal Enfield or mean machines like Bajaj Pulsar,Yamaha FZ or stock-photo-customized-motorcycle-14035456KTM, customization will ensure that your motorbike will be the reason for your pride.


Paint Job –  A good paintwork can make or break the bike. It basically is the first thing people notice, so a good paint and painting process makes a lot of difference. Before proceeding with the paintwork, you have to have a clear picture of the final outcome of your customization.

If you want your bike to have lots of chrome shine on it-better to stick with paintwork that has gloss to it like black or red. The good thing about glossy paints are that with one wash, they start looking sparkling new. You could also try out white or silver. For those who want to stand out – you can go for matte finished paints too – you get them in all hues – black/grey/red/yellow. They will give a unique style to your bike.

Seat – The seat of your bike decides how comfortable your ride can be. If the seat is  too soft- short rides will be a breeze but longer ride become torturous. Similarly if its too hard, you might not want to take the bike out as you may feel all the bumps on the road. Bikes come with different seating options  – you could just play it simple and get standard seats or you can get split seats. If you would like – you can also get your seats done in genuine leather with colors to match your bike.

Handle Bars – Now handle bar is also something which has a lot of say in how your bike behaves! Lot of aftermarket companies are offering different styles of bike handles. You can go for the company provided handles or you can go for split handles or chopper style handles (whichever fits your style and comfort).

Tires– You can go for upgraded high performance tires or simple bigger tires which apart from looking good also gives more grip on the road.

Stickers–  Getting fancy stickers on your two wheeler is also a part of customization that can be done. Its fancy and not so expensive too.

In case, you are looking for help with your customization, you can reach us at or visit


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