Simple ways to keep your bike running smooth

Owning a bike is easy, while maintaining it is not. Your vehicle is your on road partner. Your bike takes you places that you need to go and are an integral part of life. Yet, most of the people neglect the maintenance of their bikes and thus, reduce the life of their two-wheeler.

If reports by bike companies like Hero, Honda and Bajaj are to be believed, more than 50% of the bike owners do not follow a maintenance routine for their vehicles. Such behavior only reduces the life of your bike and makes it dangerous for you to ply it on road.

So, today we are going to discuss 5 maintenance tips that will ensure that your bike runs for a longer time.

Clean your chain after every ride: The bike chain is very much essential for the proper working of your motorcycle. So, after every few days, make sure that you wipe your chain with a rag in order to remove the dirt and grease. It is also advisable to get your bike washed at least once in a month for longevity.

Adjust your brake wires optimally: Brake wires must be optimally adjusted for proper braking. While it is important from a security point of view, proper adjustment of brake wire tension is also important for healthy tyre and brake shoe maintenance.

Regularly check the tyre pressures: Tyre pressure maintenance is very important. Without an optimal tyre pressure, your bike will not give the best performance. The fuel efficiency will be hit and the engine will have to put in extra load in order to ride. So, always maintain a proper tyre pressure to ensure that your bike goes on for a longer time.

Clean air filters regularly: In a country like India, dust is a major problem. The air filter in your bike gets choked up pretty fast and you need to make sure that you get it cleaned or clean it yourself. Improper maintenance of the air filter adversely affects the performance of your bike and can be dangerous.

Regular Servicing of your Bike: It is common for people to stop getting their bike serviced after a couple of years of owning it. This practice is completely wrong. It is very important to make sure that your bike gets serviced every 3 months. In the worst case scenario, you must get it done at least every 6 months. Not getting your vehicle serviced not only reduces the life of your bike, but also makes it unfit for the roads. This can prove fatal as the bike may give in midway and cause serious accidents. So, always make sure that your bike is regularly serviced so that it lives a longer life on road.

Be it your Bajaj Pulsar or Hero Passion Pro, all these points will ensure that your bike keeps going on and on. So, keep this points in your mind and give your bike extra years to live.


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