Mercedes E-class LWB India launch in March 2017


India’s fascination with Mercedes brand has been well known, we have grown up watching movies where the luxury vehicle was associated with the upper crust of the society.

The first car that Mercedes launched in India was the E class, it is their bestselling car in India and the segment too. The present E class is quite spacious enough with ample legroom, headroom both at the front and rear cabin. Although it’s next Gen W213 car has been present globally for a long time now, it has been absent from the Indian markets.

Mercedes has now decided to launch the LWB (long wheelbase) version in India guise this March. Primary reason is they consider #India important market and want it to have the latest products available here too. This new E class will be the longest sedan in its segment and will be most spacious in cabin space.

By launching this car, #Mercedes is hoping to push its sale in the Indian market. The E class LWB will be 5,063 mm in length and has a wheelbase of 3,079 mm.

Compared to the standard E Class, it is 140 mm longer. The engine will be a 3.0L V6 turbodiesel in the E 350 D variant and a 2.0 L turbocharged 4-cyl petrol motor in the E 300 variant.

This car will likely be a big hit among those buyers who cannot afford super luxurious cars by Mercedes S class as they would be getting rear seat comfort.


Bajaj Pulsar CS400 to launch in India


Everybody is looking at the dispatch of the Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 after it was initially showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. Prior, reports guaranteed that the Pulsar CS 400 would make it to the business sector in September – October this year (2016).

The organization is as of now finished with the alignment and testing, and now the pre-dispatch arrangements too have been finished.

Other than the Pulsar CS400, the organization may likewise present another cruiser under its V image amid the current year’s festive season. To be situated over the current Bajaj Pulsar extend, the CS400 will be the organization’s first since forever 400cc bike India and will turn into its lead item upon dispatch. It will likewise be the most intense bike from the home-developed bike maker that may likewise be propelled in some different markets. The organization may utilize its office to deliver send out units too.

In the name, “CS” remains for ‘Cruiser Sport’. With forceful styling and intense motor, Bajaj’s new execution bicycle will advance purchasers searching for a section level sports bike at a truly aggressive value range.

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400  – Launch date 

As said before, the Bajaj Pulsar CS 400’s national dispatch will happen in September – October this year, despite the fact that it may take an additional 1 month to reach over all Bajaj dealerships in the nation.

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 – Price 

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 will be available in two variants, i.e. CS 400 NON-ABS and its expected price is Rs 1,80,000 and on the other side the second variant comes with ABS technology that will cost Rs 2,00,000.

Bajaj Pulsar CS 400 the BEAST

The Pulsar CS400 got 373.2 CC liquid-cooled Engine with 4 Valve and triple spark plug, which produce 40 BHP of highest power and around 30NM of torque. CS 400 has 6 speed transmissions with Front and Rear Disc Break also. Bajaj has done advancement in suspension of CS 400 for better ride quality with 17 inches of bespoke alloy design.

Key Features of Bajaj Pulsar CS 400

  1. Digital Console
  2. Large LED Headlamp
  3. Rear LED Taillight
  4. Flat Set Handlebar
  5. Sculpted Tank and Body Cowls
  6. Gears Shift Indicator

Upon its dispatch, the Bajaj Pulsar CS400 will face the rivals like Benelli TNT 300 and KTM Duke 390, despite the fact that Bajaj’s cruiser will be valued significantly more forcefully than the greater part of its opponents.


Simple ways to keep your bike running smooth

Owning a bike is easy, while maintaining it is not. Your vehicle is your on road partner. Your bike takes you places that you need to go and are an integral part of life. Yet, most of the people neglect the maintenance of their bikes and thus, reduce the life of their two-wheeler.

If reports by bike companies like Hero, Honda and Bajaj are to be believed, more than 50% of the bike owners do not follow a maintenance routine for their vehicles. Such behavior only reduces the life of your bike and makes it dangerous for you to ply it on road.

So, today we are going to discuss 5 maintenance tips that will ensure that your bike runs for a longer time.

Clean your chain after every ride: The bike chain is very much essential for the proper working of your motorcycle. So, after every few days, make sure that you wipe your chain with a rag in order to remove the dirt and grease. It is also advisable to get your bike washed at least once in a month for longevity.

Adjust your brake wires optimally: Brake wires must be optimally adjusted for proper braking. While it is important from a security point of view, proper adjustment of brake wire tension is also important for healthy tyre and brake shoe maintenance.

Regularly check the tyre pressures: Tyre pressure maintenance is very important. Without an optimal tyre pressure, your bike will not give the best performance. The fuel efficiency will be hit and the engine will have to put in extra load in order to ride. So, always maintain a proper tyre pressure to ensure that your bike goes on for a longer time.

Clean air filters regularly: In a country like India, dust is a major problem. The air filter in your bike gets choked up pretty fast and you need to make sure that you get it cleaned or clean it yourself. Improper maintenance of the air filter adversely affects the performance of your bike and can be dangerous.

Regular Servicing of your Bike: It is common for people to stop getting their bike serviced after a couple of years of owning it. This practice is completely wrong. It is very important to make sure that your bike gets serviced every 3 months. In the worst case scenario, you must get it done at least every 6 months. Not getting your vehicle serviced not only reduces the life of your bike, but also makes it unfit for the roads. This can prove fatal as the bike may give in midway and cause serious accidents. So, always make sure that your bike is regularly serviced so that it lives a longer life on road.

Be it your Bajaj Pulsar or Hero Passion Pro, all these points will ensure that your bike keeps going on and on. So, keep this points in your mind and give your bike extra years to live.

Maruti Suzuki Ignis to be here soon



The car that’s generating more buzz than Brezza is the yet to be launched car – Maruti Suzuki Ignis.

As the name so is the car – its new, its refreshing and its full of energy.

The Ignis will be in the new small cross-over/ elevated hatchback design platform. Its tough to believe that Maruti has been able to hold on to its numero uno position in the small volume segment market with 2 of its best sellers namely alto 800 and Wagon R being more than 10 years old and still going strong.

With Ignis they will have a new segment of customers who did not want a Maruti because of its plain or at times boring looks.

With the current excise tax benefits of cars being less than 4 meters, and being a Maruti with strong local manufacturing content, the position of the car in the volume segment – Ignis will be priced very aggressively same as Brezza has been.

Expected to be priced somewhat in the 4-5 lacs Ex showroom – in between the Wagon R and Swift range. Ignis will be a tough nut to crack for competition (Hyundai i10/Honda Brio). As Maruti has a cramped product line in the small car segment some of the customers might be tempted to upgrade from Wagon R or come down from Swift.

The idea of having much options is proving to be good for Maruti – almost 7 cars to choose in the 2.5-7 lacs range.  Most likely the Ignish will come powered with the 1.2
engine that’s being developed in house @ Maruti – which should help in keeping those who like power and those who like fuel efficiency figures happy. Looks like Maruti has a winner with this car too.

Volkswagen Polo GTI


Volkswagen group has been making cars long before India got its Independence.The manufacturer has been the top car makers for more than 5 years producing brands like Volkswagen, premium like Audi, Bentley and Bugatti and lesser expensive versions like Skoda and Seat.

Although Volkswagen has been in the Indian market for more than 10 years,it has not been able to grab the attention of the masses. The manufacturer has not been able to produce volume cars. Most of their cars are expensive, above the 9 lakh bracket.

To shake up the market Volkswagen is expected to bring innew products – latest to be out is – brand new hatchback – POLO GTI. Volks have had cars in the GT, GTI badging for Polo and Golf iterations. Both GT and GTI are synonymous of powerful cars. And with these products we can expect the cars to be able to set the market literally on fire. Expect the car to look slightly different as it is to be a 2 door variant. The main difference will be under the hood – engine is expected to be – 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbo charged petrol engine. The numbers are huge we are talking of close to 200 BHP!!

The torque figure in excess of 250NM will make sure you are squeezed in your seat when you put the metal to the floor. The car will be happy in speeds of excess of 200kmph which will give the more expensive German beauties a run for their money.

As the car is being imported owing to its expected low numbers – price will be almost in the 20 lakh bracket. Only people who are keen on performance would be keen buyers others will probably move onto bigger/higher segments – never the less this hatch will set eyes rolling whenever it’s moving down the road.


Hyundai’s New Elantra to arrive in festive season in India


Electric Blue

Hyundai managed to capture the premium segment of the Indian car market by launching Elantra back in 2004. Although at that time, the car was appreciated for it performance, it was highly criticized for its appearance.

Hyundai again re-launched the car in a stunning avatar in 2012. This time the car turned out to be a considerable success.

Compared to its rivals like Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, Elantra turned out to be a more successful car.

Now in 2017 Hyundai feels it is the right time to again launch the car in a new design with new characteristics. Tagged as the ‘The New Elantra’ – the car, to be precise, will be completely new.

The car will continue to have the fluidic lines of its earlier version, sans the excesses. Similar to its predecessor – the front of the car is where the most of the changes has been done – gone are highly slanted bonnet and the big lights. The New Elantra gets a completely re designed front end – the bonnet has become slightly less slanted, making the car look much longer and wider. The lights are less wide; and come integrated with projector and DRL.

Fog lights have been done fantastically, one of the best parts of the front end we think. Also, the 3D pentagon grille with the Hyundai logo prominently displayed on it is something not to be missed.

The horizontal lines on the side are almost gone.  The tail light seems like an extension of the Elite I20 experience but again brilliantly done.  The interiors have also been done tastefully – the speed/tacho console is new, so is the dashboard layout. Ergonomically designed and all the controls fall into the drivers reach easily.

It’s expected to come in the dual tone effect of beige/black to lend brightness and classiness to the cabin.

The only similarity between the new Elantra and its earlier version is the wheelbase which has been left unchanged.

Elantra has always had decent space inside. The car is expected to be available in 1.6 CRDI in both manual and automatic transmission.

As of now, it seems that Hyundai has got a brilliant product in D segment.  Hopefully, if the car is in the Rs 19 to 22 lacs bracket, it should serve well and bring in the numbers which other car manufacturers with Honda Civic/Skoda Octavia have failed.

With new Elantra, you can be rest assured that you will be having all the comfort features with powerful engine and good looks in one car.

Overall the New Elantra looks promising. Hope it rings in huge numbers for Hyundai too.

How to Customise your Bike

Each one of us wishes to stand out in the crowd and be the head turner. Whether it’s with your clothing preferences, your style or the choices you make in life – you want to create your own identity and make your own style statement.

This is particularly true when it comes to the high-end machines you own – especially the ones on two wheels.  The best part about owning a motorbike is that you get the luxury to customize or modify it the way you want to. Customization or modification will not only improve your bike’s aesthetics, but also its performance.

With millions of people buying more or less the same bike, customization will make sure that nobody will have what you have. Whether it’s a beast like Royal Enfield or mean machines like Bajaj Pulsar,Yamaha FZ or stock-photo-customized-motorcycle-14035456KTM, customization will ensure that your motorbike will be the reason for your pride.


Paint Job –  A good paintwork can make or break the bike. It basically is the first thing people notice, so a good paint and painting process makes a lot of difference. Before proceeding with the paintwork, you have to have a clear picture of the final outcome of your customization.

If you want your bike to have lots of chrome shine on it-better to stick with paintwork that has gloss to it like black or red. The good thing about glossy paints are that with one wash, they start looking sparkling new. You could also try out white or silver. For those who want to stand out – you can go for matte finished paints too – you get them in all hues – black/grey/red/yellow. They will give a unique style to your bike.

Seat – The seat of your bike decides how comfortable your ride can be. If the seat is  too soft- short rides will be a breeze but longer ride become torturous. Similarly if its too hard, you might not want to take the bike out as you may feel all the bumps on the road. Bikes come with different seating options  – you could just play it simple and get standard seats or you can get split seats. If you would like – you can also get your seats done in genuine leather with colors to match your bike.

Handle Bars – Now handle bar is also something which has a lot of say in how your bike behaves! Lot of aftermarket companies are offering different styles of bike handles. You can go for the company provided handles or you can go for split handles or chopper style handles (whichever fits your style and comfort).

Tires– You can go for upgraded high performance tires or simple bigger tires which apart from looking good also gives more grip on the road.

Stickers–  Getting fancy stickers on your two wheeler is also a part of customization that can be done. Its fancy and not so expensive too.

In case, you are looking for help with your customization, you can reach us at or visit